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. >>> but first, the nine lives of marion barry. he sits down with our own bruce johnson and says he's being framed. stay with us this fiber? i'd had my fill. then i found miralax. announcer: miralax is the only brand clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. you'll see. it's clearly different. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. >>> welcome back in less than two hours, the much-anticipated movie of the life of marion barry features. it's called the most balanced reporting on his career. bruce johnson makes a few appearances in the documentary as well. and he caught up with marion barry today. >> i live in the district. dig it? i work in this area district, dig it? >> reporter: marion barry seems determined to rewrite the storys that follow him as a second term mayor. >> there's more to marion barry, a lot more to him than what is often reported in the press. >> reporter: economic development, summer jobs program, a share of the city's contract to women and minorities, barry wants all of that included in the story. it's there in the nine lives of mari
's a document but as controversial as its subject. the nine lives of marion barry closed out the film festival in our area. derrick ward talked about the story behind putting it on the screen. >> it's a story most of us would say we already know, but who pro-deucers of the documentary entitled "the nine lives of marion barry," say as closely as he's scrutinized, there are sides of his life we have never seen. >> want to make this film for outside of washington. washington is included, but we waed to show there's so much more to his story. >> the producers had unprecedented access covering his last campaign for city council. for the producers, it was a learning experience. >> as filmmakers you try to crawl into the mind of someone and blend into the woodwork. that was our main goal most of the final. working with marion, he's a difficult man. marion barry is a difficult man. sometimes it was fun, but sometimes it's very difficult. >> wait a second. >> y'all bug me. >> news 4's jim vance and tom sherwood are both featured in the documentary. sherwood himself enjoyed a special relationship coveri
. she is pregnant, but doctors said the baby will be just fine. >>> tonight, marion barry and donna watts-brighthaupt'snk appears to have grown stronger. >> this is much more than a giant packet of email, it is a record o the ups and downs of the relationship that goes back to about august of 2008 and it may reveal why marion barry hired his ex-girlfriend. publicly, marion barry has said his former girlfriend donna watts-brighthaupt was well qualified to do consulting for the district. but these documents, 276 pagesol itinerary, shed light on the complicated personal and professional relationship. marion barry offers to help with money and a job, writing, "i told you today i thought i could work out a way for you to work 20, 25 hours per week, $5,000 per month. i would put my personal money into it if we cannot get a contract." that contract is the focus of the investigation. at one point, watts-brighthaupt writes back, i feel as if i am selling my soul to you for the taxpayers' dollar. you are driving me crazy with your logic. by february, 2009, the tone has changed drastically, co
is expected to be confirmed today. >> more controversy for marion barry as suspending comes under increased scrutiny. >> and some truly amazing video from a crash in the district. nghboeia rrsis neighbors risked their lives to help the victims. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. it is 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. the scare right to your traffic and weather. >> we do have some slick roads out there. >> we will not get a ton of rain. maybe a 10th of an inch. it will make the pavement we. it may cause some issues. you see green here and there was some heavier bands around charles county getting ready to work their way towards waldorf. they are pushing out to the bay. we will see showers off and on. temperatures in the 70's. the payoff is tomorrow with sunshine and low humidity. checking on the commute. >> moving slowly. northbound 95, apparently between lorton and 7100 there is a construction truck with light
, it is a mystery. >>> plus, the nine lives of marion barry. from the stalking case to the drug arrest, how the d.c. politician has managed to stay on the public stage. he'll be joining us live. >>> and the oscar goes to -- we're going to tell you about a police sting against this woman who they say tried to hire a hitman to kill her husband. it's caught on tape and what they're calling a performance will be shocking to you. to stay on top of my game after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day men's 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and concentration. plus support for heart health. that's a great call. one a day men's. >>> the former mistress at the center of the john edwards sex scandal was in a federal courthouse in raleigh, north carolina, today. >> she was seen carrying her child into court with her, a child that john edwards denies is his. her court appearance comes as federal investigators look into the former presidential candidate's campaign finances. edwards has acknowledged he's under investigation over payments to hunter's production company. she prod
say both were disorderly. >>> new e-mails show marion barry had criticized the work of his former girlfriend. publicly he said that bobwhites brought hoffa was qualified to do consulting -- publicly he said that donna watts- brighthaupt was qualified to do work for the district, but probably he complained about her spelling and grammar. she was paid $15,000 before her contract was terminated. >>> a special tributes. three of the victims worked for a flight training school in frederick. last night, friends and family members gathered at the school for a memorial service. >> i hope that when time passes it will get better. >> 34 offering charity rides on the ght of the crash. the fourth victim won the chance to take a ride from the event. >>> we turn to a dramatic rescue during the evening rush hour. there was a serious crash. this was near the intersection of pennsylvania and alabama avenues. kris van cleave has the story. >> it was clear this was a bad accident. what happens next at this intersection in southeast is remarkable. witnesses and passers-by become first responders, ris
funding. >>> dc council member marion barry came under scrutiny last month when it was revealed that his office awarded a contract to his then girlfriend. well, now the "washington post" has uncovered much more about barry's official spending habits. our digital correspondent armando trull reports. >> reporter: the "washington post" says council member marion barry has been six times more generous than any of his peers when it comes to awarding outside contracts using the taxpayers dime. the article claims there is little evidence of what taxpayers got in return. between 2007 and 2009, he dolled out $252,000 to outside contractors for consulting work, media relations and temporary workers. some of the money may have been for political campaigning and not constituent services according to 0 the post. the second biggest is brown who spent $45,000 during the same time period. the district's contracting policies are being investigated because of a recent scandal involving barry and a former girlfriend he hired as a contractor. barry repeatedly said he has broken no laws in his contracting a
a gate to answer a call for help. >> marion barry had a tremendously positive effect on washington, d.c. there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. >> new at 5:00, a dramatic rescue attempt caught on tape. >> swimmers rushed out to save a whale and her calf after they beached themselves in florida. here you see the pictures. this is in hollywood, florida. they saw a 10-foot whale headed toward the beach in shall waters. a smaller whale followed close by. turns out they were mother and baby. beachgoers jumped into the water and worked for hours to guide the mother whale back into the deep. the folks were able to get her pointed in the right direction. the mother
and >>> an investigation in to marion barry's awarding of contracts finds he has vastly outspent his colleagues in the dc city council. good morning, everyone. i'm andrea roane. howard is here with weather. angie has traffic. she has a lot going on we will get moving right away. let's go to howard. some rain drops are falling on drivers. >> little late getting here but last night we have had showers and thunderstorms south and east of shwaington. live doppler hd ts wamorning rewe awe are picking up activity from the shenandoah to the eastern shore, ut h.rth wd south. we will zoom in and show you iathappening in the itrmeo right now. many montgomery and fairfax counties, fairly light prince with william and faulkier. to the eastern e,orsh to easton, kent thf la, ndkent ise thavhe stiethheaviest stuf avof cof la plata, northwest ide to hu rsveiltoe gh hughsville and mechanicsville and saint mary's and yd an erow thundersxermmitos to the southwest we have lesvvity from ha ilerru . erteesatmpth iurton tgrue ilsvle. temperatures in the err uppe60e and lower 70s right no
,000 visitors to the host cities. that decision will be made in two months. >>> marion barry is weighing in on a new documentary about his life. it is called, "the nine lives of marion barry." it looks at his long career as a public figure from several rights act to vest to mayor who fell from grace. it also shows the good and does not spare the bad. he cooperated with the film makers because he won a legacy > an arrest in a drug sting. >> he is articulate, he is handsome, he was an inspirational leader and i did not know that side of marion barry. i only knew the scandal. i know what most people in america know, that he smoked crack. >> i don't want to be portrayed as a person who does not care about people and takes cocaine. it takes a slice of my life and tries to show me as more than just that. >> of the movie premiered in silver spring last month and made its small screen debut on hbo last night. >>> delaware man wishes he wishes -- which is to pick on someone his own size. the 23-year-old stalled a purse with only two dollars in a from a 3-year-old girl waiting in line in a delicat
>>> in an investigation in to marion barry's awarding of contracts finds he has vastly outspent his colleagues on the dc city council. with less than three months before virginia's election their next governor they may take a hit when they bring in the party's top man. >>> if you drive a mid size sedan getting in toed and for bender could drain your account. today is thursday, august 6th. angie goff is here. she's had a very busy morning. howard is here to tell us if we will get heavier rain the rest of the day. >> i think we have seen the heaviest. south and east could get some but a light showery pattern and angie will blame me for the traffic issues. >> doing it all morning. >> but the afternoon will get better. teeserurat are urstruggling to bye onti ti you by especially, it, ay it is to lyto ike gufeau ke august. pae , eastthe pa east, 81 cle out harrisonburg, w neetma owtownlit to moderate gh ers t outhere. but meea t br, bras well. it is t noint nsracolyg intant the showers will couent into mi ni g adis weo thoughout rt ainly after the lunch ho thanat. r hogh. than that. h
object to weigh down a helium balloon. >>> city councilman marion barry -- where live with details now. >> that is just the tip of the iceberg. late this afternoon, we received these public documents, 276 pages. we have invoices, contracts, itinerary's four trips to las vegas -- itineraries for trips to las vegas. it may shed light on why marion barry hired his former girlfriend work for him. a stack of newly released e- mail's involving marion barry and his then girlfriend sod hewe s new light of their troubled past. in 1 e-mail, berry writes a about cervical cancer saying, you are in the fight of your life. i told you today that i thought i could think of a way to help you work $5,000 a month. -- for $5,000 a month. barry also told her that beyond the cancer, yave have serious medical problems. according to documents, she wrote back saying, i feel as if i'm selling my soul to you at the taxpayer's dollar. you keep saying and suffering from depression, when it is you driving me crazy with your logic. she wrote, you and me from the hospital because i would not have sex with you before
>>> an indepth look at marion barry's ups and downs. the former dc mayor is here to discuss the documentary. >>> the taliban releases new information about a captured american soldier. >>> and stakeout your spot at the pool early. the hottest temperatures of the year are here. good morning, everyone. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is monday, august 10th. if you didn't call your buddy on the 9th yesterday, what are you waiting for? give them a call right now. angie will have the traffic in just a moment. howard is here to tell us about the triple hs. >> hazy, hot and humid. today not much relief and tomorrow will be better. s for a the pool, andrea, i know some flames that are going -- some families b@ararargoing ly upgoin uply. the heatexcessive. . arwe excessive. we are tothe to the mp urerteesat in ars. 1ne fis aerriinntgomery and dc of o m dur ovfaer and charles and charles county. e counties are generally west of e uto up tloct 81 agan r air aistation and wihars2.gewn 8 st y encer, you are up kl78ic at heup meickly at 78 and the helu ermo
in reductions. >>> d.c. councilman and former mayor marion barry says first priority is to his constituents so he stays focused on his work amid all the media attention. barry's personal life has often made headlines. you will remember he was convicted for failing to pay his taxes. >> i just ignore it. if i got bogged down in it, then i would not do my work. so, i'll continue to do my work to help people to help housing, help jobs, help health care and do everything else. that's why i think the people of washington have a great deal of fondness for me. they know that i've served, served well. >> barry also discusses his humble beginnings. the new movie about his life and more in this week's "viewpoint." you can catch the entire interview in just a few minutes here on nbc 4. >>> it will provide college kid sms extra security and parents a little peace of mind as thousands of students head back to school, some colleges in the district are using new technology to make sure they're safe. derrick ward has more. >> reporter: move-in day, a rite of passage for sons and daughters becoming freshmen. ho
marion barry's rewarding of outside contracts funded by dc taxpayers. the paper found in the last three fiscal years, the ward 8 councilman's office has spent six times more than any other member. armando trull is live outside of the wilson building with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. marion barry is one of the most controversial politicians in our area and today's "washington post" article will probably add to that controversy. those who dislike barry will probably say, eh, more of the same. those who love barry will say it's no big deal. the "washington post" says council member marion barry has been six times more generous than his peers when it comes to awarding outside contracts using the taxpayers ' dime. the article claims there is little evidence of what taxpayers got in return. between twerch and 2009, the board eight council member dolls doubt $252,000 for outside contractors for consulting work, media relations and temporary workers. some money may have been for political campaigning and not constituent services according to the post. the second bigge
.s. home loans together. marion barry is under the spotlight again, or questions he outspent his colleagues on contracts. and ex-girlfriend filed and then dropped stalking charges. pete once hired thhe once hired. >> because he hired her, it includes an investigation on council spending on outside contracts. >> [unintelligible] >> he once said donna whites by to --brighthaupt was qualified. there was an email record that said he would try to support her financially if he could not get a contract. there's a report ithat he spent $252,000. he has very few documents to show what the city got for its money. a spokesperson for him since the email between him and donna josie was closely supervising his work. he wrote "i was greatly disturbed by our meeting on tuesday it because your project is behind schedule. oded tells her she should follow instructions without long debates. keeper cell phone on and answer from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m., particularly. for all of this can be seen from different perspectives. the question was, was marion barry supervising a city contractor or policing her personal life b
they are aware of the scores and they are working to improve them. >>> councilman marion barry is the topic of an hbo documentary tonight. it is called "the nine lives of marion barry." the dc council member and former mayor talked about the presentation during an interview on 9 news now at 9:00. >> this documentary is balanced in a sense it shows the triumphs and i have had a lot of triumphs, helped a lo of people, transformed downtown, summer jobs. i could go on and on, verizon center. but, the media some parts tend to focus on a little sliver of my life, just a narrow part of it. >> reporter: hbo will show the documentary tonight at 9:00 p.m. >>> there's a new warning about gift cards. some of them could be worthless. so we will find out what you need to know before buying one or using one. >>> plus, the latest on a typhoon that is rampaging through the pacific. we will have can a tails. stay with us. 9 news now will continue in faa oh, hi! welcome back to! how's that car insurance? great! just bought a house... and you just heard progressive offers homeowner's insurance.
marion barry. ?ñ?? seem smooth and strong to irreversible damage. no different. irreversible loss of enamel. enamel shield enamel loss by forming against acid attack. toothpastes dentists check most. save your enamel. be gone for good. enamel shield. with the rinse. @ it's a revolution in pain relief. (announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control. >>> this morning in the examiner, lawyers for thousands of special needs students are taking the district to court. >>> montgomery county loosens restrictions on using facebook for employees. >>> and prince georges county executive jack johnson is dropping hints about continuing his political career after his term ends next year. these story and more the examiner. >>> hbo has a good reputation for putting on cutting-edge documentaries. tonight they will air the nine lives of marion barry. bruce johnson has seen the entire documentary and has more on the good and bad viewers will see when it comes to marion barry an
wrote white marion barry? - why marion barry? >> of the very voters, only one attack the media for caricaturing the candidates. my father. he was enraged. mr. barry is more often referred to as a criminal then all winner -- and oliver north. an-- than oliver north. your father is still alive? >> my father is still alive. he lives in washington, d.c. and he is a very interesting story. he did have a family business. it was looted the night of the riots after martin luther king was assassinated. she was -- he wanted to rebuild. it was a heroic thing. it led him to be involved with marion barry. they tried to state the willard hotel. -- they tried to save the willard hotel. >> your dad is 88? >> he turned 88 in april. >> here is the first sentence of a column on march 5. as a media celebrity, the internet is now seriously overexposed. where a person, we might be as sick of it as we were a glanc oe ito. >> in retrospect, i did not really understand it at the beginning. anthe internet now has become te tail that is wagging the dog of all endeavors. >> you did say this, the happy sur
why marion barry? this month there is a documentary on hbo about marion barry. here is what you say. is your father still alive? >> my father is very much still alive. my father is a very interesting story. as i alluded to in that column, he had a family shoe business. it was looted during the riots. unlike many other black businessmen in downtown urban america, he wanted to rebuild and did not want to flee to the suburbs and give up his business. he wanted to -- it was really kind of a heroic feat. it allowed him to be involved. it enabled him to be involved in the campaign for marion barry. to this day, he still volunteers for the organization that tirelessly lobbies to try to get full voted and self- government for the district of columbia. >> your dad is 88? >> es kahlah he turned 88 in april. >> here is the first sentence of a 1995 article. >> i was completely wrong and i caught up eventually. but i have to say, in retrospect, i did not really understand it at the beginning. as did most of my profession. the internet has become a tale that is wagging the dog of all endeavors. >
.c.'s marion barry makes his mark on hbo. good morning, washington begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> and good morning, everybody. welcome to good morning, washington, on a tuesday, i'm alison starling. >> and i'm pamela brown in for doug mckelway, and we begin this early tuesday with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes, first here's meteorologist brian van de graaff. how's it looking today? [no audio] >> all right. and oui looking pretty good out here this morning. the roads are dry around the city. no early morning accidents to romp. might find a stray puddle around here from those who got a shower last night. from fredericksburg headed up the beltway no zonets report. back to you guys. >> thank you, jim. well hot temperatures are making life a little tougher for some people. whether they are working outside. >> or trying to go to work, some of the heat wave side effects. except for the sweat, of course. >> never let emcee you sweat. >> it's not quite that bad this morning in fact i think it's better this morning than it was yesterd
bringing on board are comparable to the other country. >>> hbo debuts the nine lives of marion barry tonight at 9:00 p.m. he calls it the most balanced reporter on his controversial career ever. bruce johnson makes several appearances in the documentary. he caught up with barry and says he takes full responsible for not paying his taxes. that's it. >> reporter: the mayor thinks tonight's documentary is a good start -- >> there is more to marion barry than what is often reported in the press. >> reporter: economic development, summer jobs program, contracts to women and minorities. he wants it all included in the story. it's there in the "nine lives of marion barry." >> people do development in the neighborhood, and health care being improved. >> reporter: he admits in the documentary that he snorted cocaine outside of the now infamous caught on tape at the hotel. in an interview today he adds this -- >> i never did crack. i don't know what that was. i used drugs before 1990, cocaine. i know other politicians that use dangerous. the fact is they spent $25 to $40 million setting me up.
of marion barry. tonight cora masters-perry spoke with us after learning she may be getting evicted from the tennis center that she founded. we are live outside that facility. >> people in the neighborhood of this center are stunned, including cora masters-barry, who said the notice came without warning or read it -- or reason. >> i am hartke. >> -- i am hurt. >> she was told she has 30 days to get out the center that she created. >> this is the reason i get up in the morning. when the division came to me when this was just rocky soil with hypodermic needles. >> she turned and on used field into a center where kids like this learn how to play tennis. >> once these kids are out of school, the only place they know to go is the tennis center. you have tutors that will help you with your homework. >> barry has brought in some -- in celebrities and raised millions of dollars. >> we will look into this. i did not know much about this at all. >> adrian fenty said it must be something tatnall. >> -- technical. >> did you speak to the attorney general's office? >> it is an eviction notice and it
by hackers. still no word on what was behind it today's attacks. >>> d.c. councilman marion barry is on top when it comes to spending on outside contractors and consultants. he spent more than $250,000 on contracts. that is five times more than the biggest spender, councilman brown. this comes after speculation that barry's girlfriend was hired as a contractor. >>> president obama is back on the campaign trail that is coming to a northern virginia. >> meetings. what has these people fired up? >> what the newly discovered the tapes reveal about the gunman who went on a shooting spree. >> clearing skies under way right now. also coming up, the national hurricane center adjusted the outlook for hurricanes for the rest of the season. there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zon
. >>> it an unwelcome surprise from marion barry's wife could have an impact on local children. why the current mayor is trying to force her out of the recreation center she founded. >> the city sent an eviction notice today. we're at the public housing where there is at public events. we were trying to get the mayor to comment on this situation, but he has not commented. it is situation where a recreation center -- she may soon be put out. the learning center is the brainchild of former d.c. first lady, and her recreation wish list committee. they have run it since 2001 with a d.c. recreation department. the mayor's office gave barry and her organization 30 days' notice to vacate the premises. when she first arrived, marion barry was attending and did not want to talk about it. the recreation wish list committee is stunned by this news that came out of thin air. it they don't know why. in partnership, they have raised millions of dollars for dc's use. there was stunned reaction to the news. >> she has a wonderful person. -- she is a wonderful person, they should let the lady stay here. >> iambs appr
. >>> hbo airs the documentary of marion barry tonight. often ls it the most bala his controversial career. our bruce johnson makes several appearances in tonight's documentary and today he caught up with barry who said he accepts sole responsibility for not paying his taxes and that's it. he blames federal prosecutors and the fbi at the vista hotel for smoking crack. >> the fact is they spent $25 to $40 million to set me up. that's a fact. >> reporter: what would have happened if you put your hat and coat on and left the hotel that day? >> they would have found a way to do it. i take one responsibility -- that's for my taxes. i'm to blame solely for that. >> critics seem to agree that one of the highlights of the documentary is the interview with barry's former wife, the late effie barry. >>> you're back! >> back. >> and sick. so i'm moving over a little bit. i don't want what you have. >> do i look better than i sound? >> okay. [ laughter ] >> that was pulling teeth. all right. >>> 97, a record at dulles but not at national. the next three days, temperatures go down. we're in the right d
. >> the high rollers are using, okay. >> reporter: former mayor marion barry has a theory. >> what i can get of the study, washington is no different from other large cities. but it means a shift in drug use. >> reporter: tough times might be driving a rise in cocaine use. but it might also be getting on money as contaminated bills mix with others inside atms. back in the lab, my bills are literally under the gun. >> we apply high voltage. this high voltage drives the liquid to the paper. they give off ions. and these ions are characteristics of the chemicals that are on the paper. >> reporter: and the results? >> there it is. >> it is the actual cocaine. >> reporter: when researchers tested drug money for residue in los angeles, detroit, and miami, 100% of the bills tested positive. >> wow. >>> now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is chief meteorologist norm lewis, and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> well, if you have been watching, you saw us take a direct lightning strike, knocked us off the air for a little bit. we're not alone. 3200 homes between baltimo
will begin or how much they will cost. >>> hbo delves into ninethe" nine lives of marion barry." it looks into alley in merges triumphantly each time after his legal woes. he will be the guest on " newstalk" today at 4:00. still to come, a grim recovery continues on the hudson river. the search for the final victim's and a mangled plane in a deadly mid-air collision. while you were following the tweets about the air force one fly over over new york city, it seems the air force was falling you. we are staying otaying my husband and i, we love to go to steakhouses i can smile, i can carry on our conversation i do most of the talking yes i wear dentures and they fit wonderful super poligrip acts as a seal between my dentures and my gums super poligrip makes eating more comfortable. even well fitting dentures can feel more comfortable with super poligrip. just a few dabs of super poligrip create a seal between your dentures and gums to make them more comfortable while you eat. i can eat my steak, i just love it. try super poligrip. >>> divers are coming the hudson river to search for the fina
of councilman marion barry created the southeast tennis and learning center for underprivileged children can learn to play tennis and improve reading. yesterday, she says the eviction notice came without warning and that left her in tears. >> this is the reason i get up in the morning, to do things for these kids. when the vision came to me, this was just rocky soil with hypodermic needles. >> d.c. attorney general peter nickles says he made the decision to evict her. it was because her organization's's corporate status was revoked by the city more than three years ago. still to come, the air traffic controllers on duty during the deadly america collection in manhattan was on the phone with his girlfriend. it is raising new questions in the investigation. >> you make it hard. >> peace, love, and rock-and- roll, we w roll, >> wildfires forced people to leave their homes near santa cruz, california. the fire scorched 3,000 acres and continue to burn out of control. firefighters say the windy conditions are feeling the flames. >> >>> the at a suspended two air traffic controllers after an opera
mayor marion barry. he joined d.c. mayor, at a basketball court dedication. >> cora masters-barry is an amazing contributor to the city. and i am sure that this is probably some legal or technical issue that will be resolved. >> he referred questions to d.c. attorney general peter nicoles. he told news 4 the notice stemmed from the fact that masters-barry charitable organization does not have a corporate status. she says it does. if there was a question. she is sure it could have been resolved short of an eviction notice. no one called. i haven't heard from any one. >> tennis center kidd and parents hope everything here stays the same. >> i really like it here. because we have fun playing tennis and play different games. and we learn different moves in tennis. >> in '08, cora maers-barry was inducted into the mid-atlantic tennis, education hall of fame. for helping to build the facility. jackie benson. news 4. >>> still to come tonight. you have heard about the long term impact on your health. how is the diet? wait till you hear how it impacts your short term health. >>> lot
in an upper 70's will be the best we can do today. >>> there is more controversy for marion barry. one day after e-mails surface between him and an ex- girlfriend, new questions are there about what he is doing with city money. ""the washington post" spent more of taxpayer money than his colleagues. >>> "good morning america" continues with the girl who doesn't age. this is a 16-year-old in the body of a toddler. why doctors say the mystery could reveal secrets for the rest of us. >>> from fired to hired. tory johnson reveals how she survived her own pink slip and bounced back to have the career of her dreams. and she tells us how we can do it, too. and "who wants to be a millionaire." regis philbin is back for the ten-year anniversary of the megaheat. and this morning, he's putting diane on "the hot seat." >>> good morning. >> hello, everybody. hello. hello. hello. hello. how are you? man's taking a picture while we're taking a picture. good morning, everybody. it is a beautiful thursday here, kind of. beautiful to be with you. chris cuomo, diane sawyer, sam champion, robin on assignment.
member, former mayor, marion barry, came under fire in recent weeks over this very issue. how can citizens hold council members accountable when it comes to earmarks and outside contracts? >> well, of course, the budget is voted on, and they are a part of the budget. and we have had -- we've had hearings on earmarks, and there are rules in place that we -- the most recent rules that were approved were this past january that says that no organization can get an earmark in two consecutive years, and there are limits on the amounts. for operator, which is services or programs, can be no more than $250,000. and for a capital grant, that would be building something or major revation, or whatever, can be no more than $1 million. organizations are required to submit extensive documentation, including a budget and a program statement in terms of what they're going to do with the dollars. so, really, even though the organization is named, recommended by a specific council member, the level of scrutiny is the same as it would be for any other grant or contract that is aaed district. >> the
to the investigation over the next few days. >> new today, marion barry is facing more scrutiny over his contract spending. that's the word from "the washington post." it says between 2007 and 2009, barry spent $252,000 in taxpayer money on outside contracts. that's far more than the second biggest spender on the d.c. council, kwame brown's office spent $45,000. barry has been facing questions about his contract spending since revelations that ee award have one to a woman he had a relationship with. >>> a former louisiana congressman was found guilty of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes. a federal jury convicted william jefferson on 11 of 16 counts, including bribery, racketeering and money laundering. prosecutors released the surveillanceideo showing, among other things, jefferson taking a briefcase from the trunk of a car. you may recall fbi agents raided the democrat's washington home back in 200 and found $90,000 in cash in his freezer. jefferson is accused of accepting more than $400,000 in bribes. he will be sentenced in october and could face up to 20 years in prison. >> ne
not really realize it, but it is a really big thing. >> marion barry was there. he was a guest speaker of the jobs training program of which gus was the president. >> he was the guy who was leading the effort to bring folks together. >> one woman said he is to take it to the mall -- he used to take her to the mall. many may never know what happened to him, but it is clear he made an impact on his community by being nice to people. some of the mourners told us that after a number of shootings, gus joined them at a community meeting to try to find ways to stem the violence. last week, someone was shooting in this area. there were six people shot, five of them survived. gus was killed. police are still working -- looking for his killer. >>> a dozen high school football players have been released from the hospital after being treated d mstetomp . they were practicing in stephenville and around 5:00 when they started to feel sick. paramedics treated the students before taking them to the hospital. authorities say none of the players were seriously injured. >>> and three firefighters suffere
center founded by marion barry's estranged wife is being targeted by city leaders. we have more with why she is being evicted. >> in a word, she is being evicted over paperwork her, at least that is the official reason. three years into a 10-year lease, discovered that her organization had not updated the papers or paid $500 in fees. without warning, they center a notice to vacate the center in 30 days. -- and they sent her a notice to vacate the center in 30 days. she was leaving town when she heard that mrs. berry was being evicd. she turned around to see what was going on. >> she is a wonderful person. she has made a big difference in my life and my son's life. >> i met them. >> barry was in tears when she spoke to reporters. >> i am 64 years old, this is my reason for leaving -- for living. dodge the attorney-general said the organization's corporate status had been revoked. they had not updated their paperwork since 2000. committee members said they would get on that, but -- >> i would have thought that if someone discovered that there was an imperfection in our filing that we would
'm andrea roane. >>> a "washington post" investigation reveals more about marion barry's awarding of contracts funded by dc taxpayers. the paper found the last three fiscal years the ward 8 office has spent $250,000 on outside contracts. the next bigger spender brown who spent $45,000. >>> republican seeking to become virginia's next governor was a no show in alexandria last night. he was scheduled to appear at the opening of a campaign office on first street. he told 9 news he had a family commitment. deeds is scheduled in tysons corner along with tim kaine and president obama. >>> there are four days left for maryland residents to give martin o'malley their input on state budget cuts. he has been soliciting comments on-line. and virginia governor kaine is looking at cuts hundreds of millions more from the commonwealth's budget. here's howard bernstein. can we cut through and get right to the forecast? >> yes, we will see shower and inunder especially south and e thheat builds in for the ek live doppler hd this morning, quite busy, especially south and osteaf town. neat lightnin
is the estranged wife of d.c. councilman marion barry. she said the eviction notice came yesterday without warning or reason. the s.e. learning and tennis center gives kids a place to go after school. >> this is the reason i get up in the morning, to do things for these desperate when the vision came to me. >> the attorney general says he made the decision to evict her because the organization's status had been revoked. more than three years ago this happen. there is no word on why that happened. >>> michael vick is joining the philadelphia eagles. gma will have more on that story. the redskins lost 23-0. fans still have high hopes for the season. >> for get the key players left out and forget the made mistakes. the redskins are back. the fans are ready. >> i love the redskins "since i was a baby. >> my biggest concern going into this season is the development of jason campbell, that he will fall flat on his face. >> emotions? >> the redskins make you very emotional. >> at a quiet corner, a man wearing a ring had no concerns. >> i have no concerns. it is a new year and a new season. >> he said he
who appeared not to be able to get along very well in public. marion barrie and david ka ten ya are really having a tough, tough time of it. >> to coin a phrase. >> they're not agreeing on a lot. what is going on between those two and how is it impacted the council's work, and particularly at this time when they'rerying to find the right cuts and places to balance the bunt. >> i'm really surprised mievs. they used to get along pretty well together, but as of late, especially since the -- >> sit because -- >> the gay marriage then, the gay recognition bill it seems that the two have parted. they are strong animalses, for choice of better words, from the zoo they're two large elephants in the political arena in washington. david and barry. >> here's what i'd keep an eye on. the one you have to watch is mary cha. she's very serious overall but i get the distinct impression that something in her marrows has been affected. she griemds on like the prosecutor that she srks but the real -- marion barry's real problem is going to be because of mary cha. >> what do you thing about that? >
theater, a program funded by marion barry. and i was young and 13-14 years old and i was young and it was fun. so when ms. high tower called me i said i can't not do it. >> reporter: who says no to gloria high tower. >> nobody. >> reporter: exactly. that's the reel brains behind this thing. we'll get with gloria in the next hour. but for people to come and see the shower, what are they going to experience? >> it's theater at its best. it's washington, d.c. theater at its best. we have so much unrecognized talent and so much talent coming out of duke ellington and different schools right now. i'm so excited to watch the next generation come up. >> reporter: and your song is -- >> it's called i live for you. they can go to my website. >> reporter: but we'll hear it on the radio soon. >> yes. call your radio station. >> reporter: and without further ado it is friends of carter barren doing legacy. ♪ [ music ] i want to thank you for teaching me. ♪ i thank you for seeing the good in me. ♪ i'm moving in your name because of you, my life has changed. ♪ your life is so real
why marion barry? here is what you say. of the barry voters, by the way he was mayor. only one attack the media for caricaturing the canada, my father. he was enraged that nbc ran the fbi video walpole's were still open and objects that mr. barre who did time for a misdemeanor is more often referred to as a criminal ban is oliver north, who escaped a felony conviction on a technicality. dad, now 73, is a businessman whose f street store never recovered after being looted in the 1968 riots. is your father still alive? what's my father is very much still alive. my father is a very interesting story. as i alluded to in that column, he had a family shoe business. it was a littlelooted during the riots. he wanted to rebuild and did not want to flee to the suburbs and give up his business. he wanted to -- it was really kind of a heroic fed. it allowed him to be involved. to this day, he still volunteers for the organization that tirelessly lobbies to try to get full voted and self-government for the district of columbia. >> your dad is 88? >> es kahlah he turned 88 in april. >> here is the
evicted from the tennis center she founded. barry is the estranged wife of d.c. councilman marion barry, and she says the eviction notice came yesterday without warning or reason, and it left her in tears. at the southeast tennis and learning center she created, underprivileged children learn to play tennis and they improve their reading. >> this is the reason i get up in the morning, to do things for these kids. when the vision came to me, this was just a rocky with hypodermic needles. >> we called the attorney general, and he said he made the decision to evict barry because her organization's corporate status was revoked by the city more than three years ago. no word as to why. all a a final farewell today for eunice kennedy shriver. vice president joe biden will join shriver's family and friends for a private funeral mass later this morning in massachusetts. yesterday, a steady stream of mourners paid their respects at a public wake. shriver was the sister of the late preside kennedy and founder of the special olympics. shriver died tuesday at the age of 88. >> and the time now is ju
illegal, noggin appropriate. d.c. council member and former mayor marion barry sat down with me today and talked about using taxpayer money to hire an ex-girlfriend as a consultant. and documents that show he far outspent any of his colleagues on outside contracts. >> i have been very effective in organizing my staff and i think the other house members are jealous they are not as effective as i am and in getting their work done. hear is what happens. i notice that the disproportionate amount of work and scrutiny of black politicians and this is as american as american pie. >> barry says he's feeling great. he also talks about what it was like to see the ups and downs of his career and life as told in the hbo documentary "the nine lives ofarion barry." teu caesethte es r ofes my- hour ie tw inthwihe former mayor sunday morning at 7:00. >>> as the redskins take the field in baltimore for tonight's preseason game news4 learned of new developments. in the effort by the district to persuade the team to move back to the city. tom sherwood is here with this story. that's an interesting scena
is outrageous. but the other thing here. >> absolutely. >> the other thing here, too, harvey, marion barry the documentary on his nine lives airs tonight on hbo. we understand you have some fresh video of him, talked with him today. >> so he says, sara, that he will be remembered most for helping people. so we wanted to know why he didn't think that that famous video is why they remember him. and we kind of go back and forth with him and i have to tell you, i mean, it is interesting that he does -- you guys know way better than us that he has nine lives but the piece on the show tonight, where wetalk about what he is most remembered for, is pretty funny. and you might want to catch it. >> can't wait to hear that. also, the 2009 teen choice awards levy johnston this is a bizarre thing here. he escorted kathy griffin to the awards? what is up with that? >> well, i mean, look. you know the way the white house correspondent dinner works where everybody tries to bring some outrageous celebrity. kathy griffin gets the idea that that is the best way of coming up with press and she made the best c
river. >>> and marion barry will be in the studio to discuss the hbo documentary on his political career and it premiers tonight. >>> you can get the latest, news, weather, and traffic by going to while you are there, check out all of our
department has promised to take appropriate action based on the findings of their investigation. >>> marion barry has spent far more taxpayer money on outside contracts than his colleagues. he spent $250,000 from fiscal years 2007 to 2009, more than five times the second biggest spender kwame brown. some of the work appears to have little connectiono city business. he is under investigation for awarding a contract to a girlfriend last year. >>> more chilling thoughts coming to light from the man who went on a deadly shooting rampage at a pittsburgh area gym. george sodini walked interest an exercise class, -- into an exercise class, turned off the lights and fired dozens of shots. three women were killed, ten were hurt. videos have surfaced. one takes about hiding his emotions and he wanted to be able to connect with people. in his on-ine journal he said he felt ignored by women and had an exit plan to avenge his rage. denot know any of his victims. >> he did not say anything while he was -- i was in the room. he must have fired -- i don't know how many gunshots. a lot more than i heard. i
the city's name in big letters and the mayor's namoff to the side, such as marion barry's name on the reeve's center, marion barry. in this case, it's adrian fenty, district of columbia. i'm beginning to wonder, along with some of the people in my neighborhood, like across the city, if mr. fenty is really for mr. fenty or the district of columbia. >> well, that's a -- >> but the people, we should say, in your neighborhood love this field. it's a beautiful field. >> they might love the field, but i don't know about the name of fenty in the middle of it. >> all right. all right. >> mayors, governors, whenever they move into office, their names go on whatever initiative. >> right. >> so i don't know. >> there's a matter of -- >> proportion. >> what is the purpose? we know he's running and he's not leaving any stone unturned in his never-ending pr campaign, which he lets you know what he wants you to know, which brings us to the fact that his children are going -- one of his children -- one of his sons is enrolled in a school where you would -- if you were a regular district citizen have to wai
way late this year. >> that was matt brock reported. marion barry is the subject of a new documentary. the film looks at his long career as a public figure, from civil rights activist to powerful mayor who fell from grace. >> he is articulate. he was handsome. he is a spiritual leader and i did not know about that. all i knew was the scandal. i knew what most people know about him that he smoked crack and went to jail. >> they tried to box me into this person who does not care about people. it takes a slice of my life and tries to show me as more than just a criminal. >> more schools in montgomery county are failing under the no child left behind law. 38 middle schools in the county, 12 miss performance targets and that is seven more than last year. special education students did the worst in scores. special education students in ♪ >> there's a four-alarm sizzle. did we see mix and karina? >> there they are. >> burn the floor. and they're going to perform live coming up. >> the choreography is great. but they're just not that attractive. [ laughter ] you know? it's that look that yo
reaccionaros sorprendidos ante el peculiar hallazgo... en washington, el ex-alcalde y actual consejal marion berry sigue haciendo noticia..el rotativo the washington post dice que tiene documentos que prueban que barry gasto mas de 250 mil dolares en contratos otorgados entre los anos 2007 y 2009..toda esa investigacion fue originada despues que el ex-alcalde habria ññññññ personas que conducen en maryland tendran que obedecer los limites de velocidad si quieren evitar ser multados... varias jurisdicciones de ese estado instalaran un mayor numero de camaras en sus calles y reteras... el gobiernador martin o'malley autorizo la instalacion de las camaras en carreteras y zonas industriales... generalmente esos artefactos eran instalados en zonas residenciales y proximas a las escuelas.. tras merosas as, el servicio de innmigracion y aduanas emprendera una agresiva campana para cambiar las condiciones de detencion de indocumentados en carceles y centros para ese objetivo .. claudia uceda nos dice cuales son los cambios y que piensa nuestra comunidad...
to but separated from marion berry. he joined d.c. mayor adrian fenty at a basketball court dedication. >> cora masters barry is an amazing contributor to the city and i am sure that this is probably just some legal or technical issue that will be resolved quickly. >> reporter: fenty referred questions to d.c. attorney general peter nichols. he told news 4 the eviction notice stemmed from the fact that masters-berry's charitable organization does not have a current corporate status. she claims it does and noticed if there was a question it could have been resolved short of an eviction notice. >> no one called. the lease says if there's a problem, tell us. no one called. >> reporter:ennis center kids and their parents just hope everything here stays the same. >> i really like it here. we have fun playing here. we play different games, and we learn the different moves of tennis. >> reporter: in 2008, cora masters berry was inducted into the mid-atlantic tennis and education hall of fame for helping to build this facility. in southeast washington, jackie bensen, news 4. >> cora masters-berry says
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